Refined Power, Modular Power Design Beta Testing

Hello there everyone!

We have decided to try something new that is doing a private beta testing campaign and will do more in the future if it goes well. we are doing this so we can get a lot more feedback on the update than having to push it out than get the public feedback and bug reports and then have to change stuff leading to breaking people’s game or making someone redo buildings.
What this is, is that people can beta test the next update to Refined Power, Modular Power Design (MPD for short).

Beta Testing will start on Monday, July 27th, 2020 10am BST or 11am CEST and ending on aug 8th
but will be open till the update drops for patreons only

What you will be doing is playing an unreleased version of Refined Power with this new update (Mk1 stuff only atm) and give us feedback. You will give us feedback/bug reports on the update on the Refined Power Discord with a custom role to have access to a private chat. For the people who do have access to beta test please do not share the version to other people without our consent. remember anything in this update is subject to change with the feedback that we get!

Important Info Below

How do I get the discord role?
Msg me I’m_a_chicken29#9014 on discord or Mrhid6#2851 and send us some sort of proof that you qualify for who can be a beta tester down below!

Who will have access to the private beta testing?
Only Mod devs, All Patreon supporters, trusted friends, and YouTuber/streamers (Streaming only and no need to private/unlist it afterward). Please do not ask us for the custom version of the mod if you don’t fit any of the roles above! Please do understand our reasoning as to why down below as for why it’s not public.

Why is it only x people above who can do the beta testing?
Making Beta testing public will just lead to a lot more issues if you think about it more and more F.e: teaching people how to install the mod, people thinking it’s some update they can play on while all of in it can be changed, etc

will this happen again?
Maybe if it goes to plan, which we hope it does.

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Beta testing has started! don’t worry if you are late there is still a week before it’s closed for another week or not but lets see!