Refined Power Update

When is possible see the mod update to the new 4.0 Update of Satisfactory?

I’m looking forward to that too. That and the farming mod they created.

Giving this a bump. Refined Power needs to be updated.

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Can’t wait until those two mods are updated… They were really cool and useful! But, the best thing we can do is give the devs support as much as we can and wait…!

True, but the issue is, wait for how long?

Update 4 has been out for a couple months now.

I need this in my life too. My primary save is completely dependant on this wonderful mod but I will wait as these things take time.

Still no update on either this or the Farming Mod. It’s been more than a few months now.

Well, I know that they are posting updates about the two mods on their Discord and that the Ficsit Farming mod is open on beta for Patreons, but they did not announce any date for any futur releases… One of their last posts was on May 10th saying that Refined Power was basically done, but that they still had one game breaking bug. They also said that as soon as they find a fix, they’ll release it… So, I think that in less than a month we should finally have it. If not, well… I’m legit going to cry because I NEED those mods…! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Great! That’s a newsflash I was looking forward to hearing!

My save is wholly reliant on the Refined Power mod for power. With the power levels I get from the Mark 1 wind and water turbines in the Grassy Fields region alone, I don’t even need fuel generators, and I need very few coal plants!

A single automated biomass burner provides all the backup power I need to cover for when demand surges, and a wind farm provides independent power to the biomass production plant so I’m never without the ability to make the stuff.

I also use wind turbines as standalone power sources for hypertubes. Instead of hooking hypertube entrances to the main power grid, I hook up a single wind turbine to each, and I never have to worry about power failures taking away my ability to use the rapid transit capabilities of my hypertubes.

Adding the Refined Power Mod has made almost all other sources of power, obsolete. And I love it.

So not having that mod is kinda bumming me out.

I have some good news! There has been another announcement! Here what it says: [Dev] Trunky —
Oh hi there @everyone

Thanks to Nog, we have been able to fix the final bug! I have pushed a build for the patreons to make sure everything is 101% what it can be!

This means release is going to be on this week if nothing comes up.

Thank you all so much for your patience with me, oh, and Ficsit Farming is now also in the works.

Have a great day and may the spark be with you :FancyBolt:


Now all we need do is wait for Ficsit Farming! Can’t wait to get back to this game!

I have been using this mod for a while, but I’m uninstalling it to resolve FPS issues. Seems after a short time the game begins to lose FPS going from 30-40 FPS down to 6 FPS. When I restart the game it goes back to approx 40 FPS, but withing 30 minutes down to 5-6 FPS. I do have a lot of mods installed and don’t know if they are causing issues with RP. I will miss this mod, especially the Wind Turbines.

I’ve remove all mods independently without ruining my game and this was the only one that gave me back my performance


Update coming out soon addressing the issue

Thank you, looking forward to that. I’ll pass that along to my brother who also was experiencing the same issue.

Of course he has 23 GW of nuclear power now so he may not need this. :slight_smile:


What happened to Ficsit Farming?