Renewable Power - SMR

How can I adjust that several wind turbines affect each other?

What is the radius of the sphere of influence?

Would like to disable it.

(Google Translate from German)
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I removed the mod. Can’t plan like this and don’t get through it

Hi Sven_Doe, To get the max output of the wind turbines you will need to place them 12 foundations apart from each other

Tanks. Can i deactivate the function ? In a ini File or Something ?

Or max 1 foundation Between the Generators

With This i dont use the Mod.

Unfortunately you cant disable that function

Thanks. I have deleted the Mod.

Best Regards.

Hi, the Arc Reactor’s seem to be sooooooo inefficent. You use up like 3k of the 5k output just to make the coolant!

The new update has helped with the coolant cost. But the new recipe for the Core’s is ridiculously expensive.

@Neal_Gravestock New update coming soon to fix this :slight_smile:

Great! But could you update the stats or the UI (if poss) to show the usage of coolant and cores per min??

The tier 2/3 wind turbines become available in tiers 5/6 but require parts that can’t be made until tier 7/8. The structures need to be made with the materials from the tier they are researched in. At the least maybe the tier 2 turbines should be buildable in tier 5/6.

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I also agree with regards to the Mk.2 Wind Turbine, maybe steel plates instead of aluminum and regular motors instead of turbo motors?

I have added this to the bug list and will have a look at the recipe tomorrow :slight_smile:

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These past few hours have been my first go at using mods, and I’m loving this renewable power mod as well as the farming mod!!

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At first, I agreed with the OP about possibly disabling the distance. I then searched on Google and the first article I found here,, explained why they need to be spaced apart. Normally 7 blade diameters distant but recommended 15. Not sure how this might translate to floor sections or meters though.
So far I have only used the 10mW wind turbines. They have been very helpful.
Thank you for this mod.

Hey @mrhid6,

since yesterdays game update (edit: Experimental) it is not possible (maybe not just for me?) to launch Satisfactory with your renewable energy mod active. Are you already in know of that problem?
It would be really great if you could try to fix it. Your mod is awesome and it would be a pity to go on without it.

Thanks in advance and greetings!

It works fine with the latest Early Access Branch. Are you on Experimental?
I would not expect things to work well if at all on Experimental.

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Oh, yes, i forgot to mention that it’s Experimental where the problems occure.
Haven’t tried it with Early Access, yet. (Edit: tried it, with EA it works, with Experimental it does not)

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Yep. Just tried it with Experimental.

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And did it work with your game?