Rocket Launcher Mod by theRobinator

Thanks for this. I really like the idea of this. I do like to blow things up. Especially the Land Whales.
But alas, they can’t be used untill level 6 after Nobelisk is researched.
Now I need a mod that will let me research the explosives in level 3 and allow me to blow things up earlier.

Could use the satisfactory map editor site to put the items you need to unlock it in a storage container. :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll have to look into that.

I get an error trying to load the mod with the launcher. Suggestions?

Error: Game version incompatible. Installed: 118201. bootstrapper requires >=117050, SML requires >=119805 All changes were discarded.

olnly work with sml 2.1.0 that only on experimental