Shipping Not Building

First time moder here. I made it through the docs and got everything setup. I was able to successfully build using “Development Editor” and “Win64”. However, when I try to build with “Shipping” and “Win64” the build fails. I was able to create the first plugin DocMod but cannot Alpakit pack it because the “Shipping” wont build. Any help?

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I finally got it to work, but I am not exactly sure which of my steps solved the issue. Here is what I did:

  • I installed the previous UE Version UE-4.25.3-CSS-39 instead of the newest one UE-4.25.3-CSS-40
  • I installed the Unreal Engine Installer in the Visual Studio Installer
  • I installed MSVC v141 - VS 2017 in the Visual Studio Installer and used this to generate the Visual Studio Project files.

Hope this helps you!

Awesome thanks! I was able to get it working before your reply by switching to the sml-dev branch and recompiling. Hope that helps you too.