SML not working with Satisfactory Experimental version 1.0.2?

Hello a new update is coming next week only on Satisfactory Experimental… But currently I cannot use SML.
The game crash:
[SML] Attached SatisfactoryModLoader v1.0.2 to Satisfactory
[SML] Finding config file…
[SML] Validating system files…
[SML] Sig file in place!
[SML] Skipping already disabled crash reporter
[SML] Version check passed!
any idea?

Are you using Experimental? If so, it’s currently unsupported.

Yes. Too bad cannot test the next update with some mods…
Thank you

The Experimental does not include update 3 yet and it is not much different from current stable version, apart from upgraded game engine, few changes to space elevator items and changed look of manufacturer.

The Current Experimental version will go life to stable version, and Update 3 to Experimental for about week or two.

I wanted to use multiple modes instead of single mode, but I put this in multi-64 bits and ran the Satis Factoryx64 bit, but when the command window popped up, there was no content, the window shuts down, and the game ended with no error. We wanted to use mode in multi-tasking, but the operator answered on Twitter. Before that, please let me use the mode in multi-tasking. I ask a favor of you.

Ya i wish some one would fix it. I have no idea how.:crazy_face: Just a 72 yr OLD retired trucker.:rofl:

Is this project dead ? No more update to the Git repo since 4 months

Oh yeah ! Thanks mate. Good to see.