SML Ver 1.0.8 - Can't remove mods in EA

In Early Access the latest SML version, I cannot remove mods.
I didn’t check this for Experimental.
I can manually remove the mods but SML just reloads them.
For now I will just manually remove the mods and launch with the EPIC games launcher.

Edit: It is two mods from mrhid6. Refined Power and Farming mod. Other mods can be removed ok.
I’ll consider this closed as far as SML is concerned and open an issue with mrhid6’s mods.

I have the same problem, but not specificly with the mods of mrhid6.
I can’t remove many of the mods I’ve installed.

Some mods by NumseBacon are able to be uninstalled, some not.

But strangely… it’s only the top 5 newest mods that have the problem.

Yesterday I couldn’t remove storage teleporters.

  • Miner Mk4
  • Programmable Elevators
  • Refined Power
  • Farming Mod
  • Light it Up
  • This works-> Upside down Foundations and more
  • This works-> Packing
  • This works-> Storage Teleporter
  • This works-> Teleporter
  • This works-> Mk2
  • This works-> Stackmemore
  • This works-> SlowItDown
  • This works-> MoarFactory
  • This works-> Easy Refinery
  • This works-> Utility Signs
  • This works-> Advanced Splitters
  • This works-> Huge Storage
  • This works-> Infinite Logistics
  • This works-> Area Actions
  • This works-> Conveyor Mk6

I was able to remove one of my mods that I had issues with. SML is now at 1.0.9. Maybe that fixed it. It looks like for me, the silent ‘powers that be’ responded and fixed the issue.