Some Mods Won't run or start

I have a few mods installed. How ever I can’t seem to get some of them to load in or run.

  1. InfiniteStorage
  2. SolarPanels_p

These 2 mods don’t seem to load in. at all. So I’m confused.

The other mods load in just fine

  1. FarmingMod
  2. LightItUp
    and Last MoarFactory

Any one have any ideas why those 2 mods won’t load or run

Hello can you put the path where you have put InfiniteStorage and SolarPanel? And what files do you put in the folders.
Maybe we can find your problem

I sent a screen shot. As you can see what I have, How ever those 2 mods are the only ones I don’t have access too. And my milestones are all done until I unlock tier 7.

Strange… For the InfiniteStorage I suppose you have the last version…
Try to add the kronos mod
Start the game launch the kronos mod when you are inside you game. You should be able to see it in the build menu (Kirthos mod submenu)
Hop it help… If it’s not working, maybe there is a conflict with some mods try to remove all of them and try just InfiniteStorage and Kronos to see if it"s working… Also don’t forget to put in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryExperimental\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64 the last SML ( xinput1_3.dll

Sorry for not getting back with you on this. I had to cheat to unlock tier 7. and I fount every thing in Tier 7. and that sucks. Those 2 mods should be in tier 5. Sense tier 8 haven’t been released yet. no one has any idea what their plans are.