Stack Overflow deletes Paint Ammo

Like the title says, the Stack Overflow Mod deletes my loaded Paint ammo if I go to the next Hand Slot and get back to my Paintgun

I can help confirm this. 2 separate accounts with Stack Overload installed exhibit this behavior (as well as if you access your inventory, swap the Paint Gun with anything, and then swap it back to the Paint Gun). One account removed Stack Overflow, and there were no problems on that account after removing the mod.

It’s doing the same thing with other hand slot items. It deletes ammo from the rail gun and even the rocket launcher mod.

After the update, this seemed to work as expected (not deleting ammo), but after sorting my inventory to start the stacking, I was not able to load ammo in the Paint Gun, switch to a different hand slot, and back to the Paint Gun without losing the full 100 stack of ammo in the gun. Thanks for the update though =)