Sugestion : pak-utilities

Hi there… PakUtilities is probably the most useful mod imo, along with AA at this time. I just love how it allows me to play in GodMode and Fly… man it makes the game so much better as I can focus on the aspect I enjoy the most, building.

I have 2 Suggestions for PAK MOD that I woould like the developer to consider (amusing it is possible)

  1. Have more speed levels for flying… maybe allowing a numeric modifier like !fly 10 or something. Basically !Fly Normal is kinda slow for long distances, and !fly fast is super fast. IMO… I think we should have a new speed, one that is about as fast has !fly Normal but with SHIFT held down. Then when you hold shift you are then fast enough for some distance flying. Maybe the best solution would be to remove the “levels” and just have a numeric number… so a player can say !fly 10 and another player can say !fly 50… so players can pick the speed they prefer?

  2. I do not know if this is possible, but I would love a way to make “command objects” that you could hold in your hand like the AreaAction mod. Like you have a box, you enter the chat command somehow and then when you press the button it dose that command, maybe right click for a 2nd command per box. So I want to !noclip… I just mouse scroll to the command box, press the button. I want to !fly fast… scroll to tool, click… etc etc.

Anyway, thanks for your conisderation.

I would like to see informaiton somewhere on what the keybindings are for flying.
Space for up wasn’t to bad since that is what I use to jump. But it took me awhile to figure out that the Alt key makes you go down. It might be obvious to some based on it’s location on the keyboard, but for me it was not intuitive. Please put these in the mod description.

The mod will eventually get a big overhaul with a new UI, this sort of thing will be included.

对了,现在的pak mod,回车键不好使 ,版本是最新测试版1120XX

Thank you. …
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