[Suggestion] Power sub-station

It would be helpful if there was an object that you could place down and connect a power line going into and out of. This object would act like a circuit breaker and allow the user to control the power to the out line. The interface would be as simple at the circuit breaker control already in the game when power goes out. This would allow the user to isolate parts of the factory and control power to them. Today we need to put each machine into standby or delete a power line. I do not know about other people but remembering the connection for the power lines to put them back sometimes becomes tricky. Also the power station could have a visual indication of the power coming in and going out.

Also is something I added to the Computer Mod called “FicsIt-Networks”.
You will be able to connect two powernetworks manually, or controll it via a computer.
So you could theoratically programm your own energy loadbalancer.

I will check it out. Thanks