Sweettransportal mod and big factories


I dowloaded and used some mods from SMR recently and everything is working fine, except for the Sweettransportal one.
The problem is not related to the transportals themselves, they work as intended without bugs or problems, but it’s about the loading time when starting the game or loading a save with a big factory and a lot of transportals.
In my game, I’m using a lot of them, probably more than 800, and the loading time is getting unbearable. It’s not the screen with “Satisfactory” written and a loading wheel that takes much time, it’s after that, once you’re in the game but your character can’t move yet, until “Ficsit, hudOS, welcome back [name]” appears in the middle of the screen.
While the first screen, which is the “real” loading time I guess, disappears after ~40secs, I have to wait more than 12 minutes(!) on a frozen screen (which is the view I had when I saved) for the “Ficsit, hudOS, welcome back [name]” message to appear and being able to move.

I’m not 100% sure this is due to the amount of transportals I’m using, but I had another unmodded game with a huge factory aswell before, and I can instantly move after the 40 secs loading screen. The main difference is the amount of transportals I used : 0 in the unmodded game and 800+ in the new one. So I think that’s the problem.
Maybe that moment between loading time and when you can move has the purpose to connect all the transportals between them and the more you have, the longer it takes, I don’t know. But that’s really problematic because I can’t add transportals anymore (the waiting time is already too long) and even now I can’t wait 12+ minutes everytime I start / load the game…

Thanks in advance if someone helps

What version of Transportals are you using? The latest change 0.1.1 was a fix for long load times that worked on two other peoples games to greatly reduce load time.

I’m blind, I didn’t even see there was a new version…
Thanks for your answer, I’m testing and I’ll tell you if the new version fixes the issue

Please do let me know!

Annnnnd… it worked!
After the loading screen, I’ve been able to move instantly. So yeah, the last update completely fixed the issue.

Thanks again for your help Bryce

Awesome! No problem, glad it worked

I am trying to use this mod myself, i updated the latest version and i can not figure out how to connect the belts. I know I have to b missing something real simple