Uninstalling mods

I installed the MoarFactory mod, but I find myself not really even using it, and it adds a bunch of items to the crafting menu that I have to scroll past every time I want any item past modular frames. I want to uninstall it. I tried removing the files it added, but when I do that, it gives me an error message and says I need to reinstall the game (via Epic, which does not provide the option to re-install). How do I uninstall this mod? Thanks.

after you removed the moar factory dll, pak and sig files.
you will have to click on “verify” in the epic game store, this will check and “re-install” missing files or files with wrong content, when this is done, you are able to play

Yes, I know…thats what it told me in the error message. But the thing is, on the Epic page, it stills says “Launch”…it hasn’t changed to “Verify” (sorry, in my op I said re-install, I meant verify), so I can’t verify the install.

Also, I didn’t actually delete the files. Just in case I needed to put them back, I just moved them from their installation folders into the FactoryGame folder. Could that have caused the error message, the fact that the files were in the wrong place? Should I have actually deleted the files?

You have to go to your library in the store, and press the 3 dots at the right side of the satisfactory game, there you will find the button “verify”

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Ooooooohhhhhh, ok…thanks. :slight_smile:

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