Using the map co-ordinates

There’s a couple of maps out there that give the locations of resources/items/etc by map co-ordinate.
Does anybody know how to make use of those co-ordinates in-game?

Press Ctrl+Shift+L then ~ then type ShowDebug to enable the debug overlay which in the top left corner shows your coordinates

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Ah, ok, thanks for that!

To be complete in this:
on other country/langage specific keyboards the ~ key may be located on other keys than on the international keyboard. If the tilde ~ is not located on the key next to the 1 key the ~ will not work.
Try the key left of the 1 key. This may have a § sign on it.
Satisfactory seems to listen to that specific key. Keyboards send the coordinates of a key to the keyboard driver that then translate it, depending on the language, to a character.
This works for my Swedish keyboard.