What would you like to see in Refined Power?

We have an upcoming update to RP (Refined Power) that includes gas power and we thought what would you like to see coming to RP? We have never asked this question before other than taking suggestions and doing bug/balancing reports and we would like to see what you would want to see coming to the mod! We will take almost any idea if possible or we are up to do it so please do tell us what you would like to see come to the mod!

IMPORTANT!: What “we” means is me and Mrhid6, and I got permission to post this about asking you guys what y’all want!.

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Hi there, I for one would love to have some type of power storage (IE: battery banks) that would store up power that could be used in event of a major power outage (IE: running out of a resource without noticing it)


we have considered it and how to do it but now mostly in the works of other stuff and a battery bank or reservoir like power storage does sound like something that will be out in the future

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Hehe, ok here is one a little far out: How about a hydro dam. IE: just a building that you could place in the middle of a structure you place across a body of water (like at the top of one of the waterfalls) that could generate power… (Yea I know you have the Water Turbine, but that has to be placed on certain nodes.)

if only it was possible in a reasonable amount of time XD to make a dam for each waterfall would take a lot of time considering how each one is a different shape and size and making like 20 different models for waterfall dams is far far far in the future that i don’t see coming. and for the water turbine nodes we added them just for the balance and more realistic feeling and that already took a lot of time to do and hydro dams are just not on the priority list or on any list atm

I’d like to see an updated UI

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Oh, and geothermal power sinks. Kinda the opposite of wind power.

Work better the lower they are, cannot be placed in water at all.

The idea is that it’s like the geo vent power, but can place anywhere for a little power.


Last one i promise!

Given the size of the new fusion reactor design, maybe it should produce more power for the same fuel input?

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the WIP or the arc reactor?

hmmmmmmmmmm that is somewhat big brained we will give it a big THONK

Get to work on the UI already lazy ass good ui for free making guy who doesn’t get paid for his good work that’s very appealing to a lot of players and very nice

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Yea, I was thinking along the lines of maybe letting the player create the dam walls etc out of default walls or modded walls, and just be able to place the mod in the middles of the structure…

good idea but needs work/thinking on it

I have already re-designed all the goddam RP UIs! Just need to finish the Dyson UI.

As for the fusion reactor: I mean the big boi.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :wink:

First, it´s great that you ask the people what they want thumbs up for that…

I actually think that the arc reactor could need a little balancing… producing maybe 10gw ?!
A way to refine the toxic gas into power would also be veeery nice, maybe in a way like you did with e65?!
Collect the Gas, add water… you know like a crafting process, that would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E :smiley:

How about a solar tower that produces maybe around 3-500mw?

Keep up the great work guys

Hey thanks for the suggestion we are looking into using gas in the next release of the mod, as for the Arc reactor the mod page and ui was incorrect and the correct values for the cores is 0.25/min (1 / 4mins) :slight_smile:

i wonder how many people got confused on that when we forgot to update the UI/mod page. sooo um anyone reading this sorry for your probably overbuilt power production but now you got more power ;p

Please make the UI so that we can change battery settings globaly. I go nutts if I have do configure every single one at a time.

A couple of bug fixes. One of the items is labeled ‘carbon carbon’ probably should be labeled ‘carbon beam’ since it has the concrete beams as one of the ingredients. Also the icon for this item is still streched when viewing in the personal inventory. Location for one of the water turbine placement needs fixed. If I could figure out my current position in the game I could probably fix this myself in the config file for the water turbine locations.