Wwise hanging forever

I’ve followed the steps correctly, at least as far as I can tell…

However, at the integration step it’s hanging at “Retrieving Wwise Integration details”
I let it run all night and I know my computer isn’t that slow (runs Satisfactory just fine).
I’m on Windows 7 if that helps.

I also tried the “Integrate Using Offline Files” option… it then gets about halfway through “Applying Operation”, but hangs again after reaching “Preparing Integration”

I haven’t seen a problem with Wwise like this before. Have you had any success with this issue since you posted? The first thing I would try would be a computer restart, as lame as that sounds.

The problem still persists. I would love to do some modding but this is keeping me from it. Any ideas or workarounds?

I’m afraid I don’t have many further ideas. Someone on the Discord may have some, though.

You could try cleaning up all of the files Wwise has made and starting with a new starter project and all that.