Adding Minecarts into game for help transfering Materials

The forums section doesn’t have an ideas Topic or a Support area. Anyway. I have an idea I wanted to see if someone would want to put this idea into the game. The Trains don’t come out until Tier 6 and cost a lot too build. I need something cheap until I can save resources. Has anyone thought of adding minecarts into the game. Should be in Tier 3 and shouldn’t cost that much. On a smaller scale. The engine needs fuel of some kind. and each cart shouldn’t have anymore then 4 slots that can 100 material. Like I said on a much smaller scale. I mean not as big as the train.

Well there are the tractors and trucks

I think he meant something that can go on rails but costs less

Yes, That’s just what I mean. I can keep adding more carts and so on. The minecarts engine can use biomass or biofuel or just fuel. It’s just 1/2 the the size of the train and cheaper to make.

Sounds almost like a slightly-beefy Factory Cart that’s slaved to a rail line. Could be useful.

There is or at least was a “cheap trains” mod that added a nerfed version of trains to the first tiers. But yeah, something a bit less massive in scale could be interesting and spice up the early games. Specially since vehicles are sooo unrealiable and exploitable right now (plus at least for me, the logistics of distributing for truck stops is hard to manage, but surely that’s just me).