Ancient/Overgrown Factory Buildings

Ancient Type:
Charred and broken ladders, platforms with signs that they have worked for massive amounts of time without servicing. Lots of grease,rust and charring on the outside with dents and cracks visible here and there.

Overgrown Type:
Similar to above but with vines, grass, sand, gravel dirt, mud etc piles here and there and up ladders and through the platforms. Cracks and Rust as well here and there to show the machinery was abandoned.

I am looking for a variety of machines/platforms with textures / models to try show an abandoned or very old and overworked factory.

Some possible examples of options:

  • Normal speed / normal power usage. (Basically for looks but no functional change but with a variety of degrees of damage visible) default idea but allowing for other changes for making the game more challenging such as the below.

  • 1/4 speed with 1.75 times power usage required as base value. (Heavy damaged)
    For example a miner missing most the mining rods, broken power connector, massive damage to casing, badly worn and damaged drill head, badly damaged engine sparking and cracked with rust and old everywhere)
  • 1/2 speed with 1.5 times power usage required as base value. (Moderate damage)
    (Moderate damage to drill head, arcing power connector, engine stuttering, some rubble, cracks and rust over most the machine.)
  • Normal speed with 1.25 times power usage as base value.
    (Light damage but with faulty power connection, rubble and dirt clogging the drill bits)

Additional foundations and walls with similar features would be awesome as well to go with the theme.

( Satisfactory has in the description that there were only a few successful landings, but definitely doesn’t specify a time period in which they happened, and with the way we can clip foundations, walls into everything I though of expanding it to show abandoned or old exploration [{especially with doggos always bringing me nuclear waste barrels :stuck_out_tongue: }] )

What do you think of the idea?