Banned on discord

i got banned forthe reason “Piracy isn’t tolerated here, just like on the main Satisfactory discord. Please support the devs. Send proof of purchase of the game and we will consider an unban.” but i never said i pirated the game i said “does it work for a cracked version” never saying that i have a cracked/pirated version if you could unban me that would be great.


The server rules state the following:

Seeking help with a pirated copy of the game will get you banned on this server and on main server

In our experience, there are few reasons to ask if the mod loader runs on pirated copies outside of trying to get it working on one.

Please send proof of purchase to either Feyko (Feyko#7953) or I (Robb#6731) and we will unban you.

yea i know i was just pulling ur leg (also in fact i didnt need your helpi found iout how to get mods for it anyways)