.bat template for automatically loading KronosMod & SML

In order to get the mod loader and Kronos Mod to load automatically, i created a batch file:

start factorygame.exe
timeout 20
START /D .\KronosMod .\KronosMod\KronosMod-Launcher.exe

it should be put inside the install directory of Satisfactory, where you find FactoryGame.exe
Then create a shortcut to the batch file on your desktop or somewhere for easy access.

If you have slow load times you might have to increase the line “timeout” from 20 seconds to a higher value.

Does kronos mod work with update 3?

Not at the moment. and i’m not sure if this method will apply on the new version of KronosMod. It is not needed if the new KronosMod doesn’t use an extra exe file like the old version did