Comments, when?

When do we get comments? I want comments! Everyone want comments! :joy:
I can’t type about that much…
just wanted to say “Where is comment support?”

Is there a badge for comments? :thinking:
Looks like no

there is >.>
you just need to wait… it’s slow… don’t know why

Got the emoji and edit right away

Should I flag this for the badge?

oh no… I’m just stupid… I simply can’t read… that was reply by email


Post must be at least 20 characters long

wdym? it is… and that message will also be @mircearoata
and i just do this to get more badges lol

Will this count as a share?

It shows as a quote… what if I open from incognito/phone

wdym? I was just confused, because I can’t find the setting to get emails when someone replys… btw… uk that already SatisfactoryModLoader Announcements right? (needed to send a link for a badge)

Pls reply so I get the email

Cooldown again.

I’m used to MD’s 2 newlines

Also, pls like

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Do you know where the wiki is, or the user guide?
and can you send a message I can flag?

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How do you reply by email? Just reply to the email?

idk… i’m trying to simply click on the button which redirects you to the post on the webpage and now i reply

i just share this

just need to look after a bit of wait