Easy Refinery Mod

New direct recipes for Plastic, Rubber, Polymer Resin, Fuel, Heavy Oil, Alumina Solution and Aluminum Scrap. This mod change the balance of refineries, making it easy to handle. Its a CHEAT.

  • Easy Plastic : 25 Oil > 20 Plastic
  • Easy Rubber : 20 Oil > 20 Rubber
  • Easy Polymer Resin : 50 Oil > 130 Polymer Resin
  • Easy Heavy Oil : 20,8 Oil > 40 Heavy Oil
  • Easy Fuel : 13,4 Oil -> 16 Fuel
  • Easy Alumina Solution : 40 Water + 65 Bauxite > 80 Alumina
  • Easy Aluminum Scrap : 300 Alumina + 80 Petroleum Coke > 500 Aluminium Scrap
  • Easy Aluminum Scrap Alternative : 295 Alumina + 90 coal > 500 Aluminium Scrap
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So I’ve been using your mod and let me say its great! However as with every mod its never perfect at first. Your alternative recipes seem to not mix well with the refinery’s, the first issue i saw is the fluid amount that any refinery is able to hold is maxed out at 50 even though its for a example (needs 120 fluid per minute). The other issue and the biggest, everytime it makes items or fluids it will stop to regain fluid input. (The input doesn’t fill up with the refinery is producing the output) This makes every cycle have to wait about 5 seconds before the next, which in turn, will not match the (Blank)per minute output it shows. If this is fixed, this mod would probably be one of the best!

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I should also point out that even with those issues, the speed doesnt increase between the different Mk’s or even over clocking.

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So I checked out some other recipes but it seems that these problem only happen with aluminum scrap.

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Thank you very much for that info Anthony! :slight_smile: Im glad you like the mod!

Now i notice that this mod and the Liquify Raw Materials Mod has these recipes that halts the refineries. To fix that i will turn them to more processes per minute, using the maximum 25 m3 of fluids for every process. I will work on it today, ASAP, and release the fixes!

Somehow it is not working for me, the other mods i have are:
Exo suit mod
Add node pure
10+ inventory slots
Perma day
Area actions
Passive mode

Hi Jorge, did any error appear when starting? Sometimes the milestone to release the recipes in refinery is a little hidden on the Hub’s computer.

there was no error, once i deleted the mod, restarted the pc and reinstalled the mod it started working

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