Farming Mod, batteries and Solar Panels

I wanted to ask, if removing a mod would hurt my world in anyway. I haven’t been able to find berries to unlock the farming to use the MK2 greenhouse. Just requires too much water. This should only require NON mod items and just use vanilla resources.

Is there any reason why this mod doesn’t load it. I haven’t unlocked Tier 7 yet. It doesn’t seem to load or unload.


Hi there removing mods shouldn’t affect your save but just to be sure make sure you make a backup of the save just in case. I’m the creator of the farming mod and not sure I understand your question?

Hello to you. Sorry about that. sometimes I leave out details and so on. Anyway I haven’t been able to find enough berries to unlock the a part of the farming mod. The issue is the water. To unlock the water collector I need like 50 water. It should just require vanilla resources. Unless you were to add berries into the MK1 Greenhouse. Then we could grow what we needed. I’m sorry it’s too hard to search all over the planet just for berries to unlock that milestone. That’s why I wanted to remove that mod. and I wanted that mod. I liked the idea of that mod. Thx for making a cool mod. I just can’t use it. It’s too hard to craft and get the resources I need.


The pale berries are vanilla resources but i do understand they are quite hard to find especially if you had added the mod into a save you have had a long time.

I have decreased the amount of water for the collector to 30 water meaning you will only need 15 berries a few people have also asked for it to be lowered and will be in the next update. If you are still struggling to find berries it might be worth using the KronosMod for a one time use to spawn the berries.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thx, I’ll give it a try.

I’m hoping your still watching this post mrhid6, I was having some new issues. I fount out what organic Material is and that if we use that. That means we still have to pick up leaves and wood to run threw the machine. Do you have plans to automate this. We need a way to grow leaves and so on. so we can make fertilizer. I was hoping to automate the farming mod. Let me know what your plans are.

Hi there yes you can automate all of the farming mod, create some seeds using limestone in a constructor, then build a greenhouse. At first you will unlock the MK1 greenhouse this a manual greenhouse to get you started. To have conveyors connected to a greenhouse you will need to unlock the Greenhouse Mk2 in the hub. Use the seeds to grow crops and then they can be put into the composter to make fertilizer.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

ok, so what your saying is that anything in the greenhouse I can grow can be put into the composter can make fertilizer.

Yes that’s correct just grow them and put them in the composter :slight_smile:

One thing I did forget, Will you be adding the option to grow trees and bushes. For biomass production.

Yea I’m adding an automated tree farm soon just need to work out a good model for it haha but will be with you soon :slight_smile:

Thank you very much…