Ficsit app site not working now

I have been using the site and have the SMM installed and it has worked every time to install mods. Now, as off yesterday, the page shows “View” and no longer shows “Install” on each mod. I have reinstalled the SMM several times to no avail. Tried different browsers and nothing. I tried signing in and out over and over, nothing seems to bring the option to install the mods back. I prefer to use the SMM and not do it manually. Any suggestions?

If the mod is outdated it will not show the option to install, obviously because it’s outdated, if the install button isn’t there and is a no-outdated mod you should try checking for updates in the SMM as the screenshot shows image

If after all this it still not working you should try to change of profile to a profile that has SML 3.0.0 if the profile u are using still uses SML 2.x.x

Checked for updates to mods and SMM. The latest version v2.4.3 is installed and SML 3.0.0 installed. It is strange it worked for so many times then just stopped yesterday.

The SML update has come, maybe it is because of it.

I updated to the latest when it hit again. but nothing changed. Cleared all cookies and cache but all i see is the option to view not install. I have reinstalled the SMM 5 times and still not able to see the install button anymore. The SMM will update the mods I already have still, I just cannot get anything else. Going to be bald before figure this one out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

May have found problem but do not know fix. My game is from Steam and debug says it cannot run SML 3.1.0 because version of game is wrong. Version is CL151248 and it needs Version 151773. Now I bought this and will not be able to use it with mods after this? It runs now, but when the update 4 came out I had to download all the mods over like everyone else, and it worked then. but I am guessing it wont anymore? Since I can only run SML 3.0.0 the install does not show up.

the 3.1.0 is for EXP branch (Experimental branch) if you are using early access you can’t install SML 3.1.0 if you are at EA (Early Access)

I have tried it already too! Steam gave me the option of EA or Experimental and I switched, then reinstalled the SMM and got SML 3.1.0. BUT, I still did not see the “Install” button for mods on the web site after clearing all cache and cookies. But the odd thing was with Steam allowing that it still did not show Version 151773 of the game! It did change the Version but not to what 3.1.0 requires. Figured I would lose all my progress and game if I stayed there and it still not letting use the SML, so I changed back to Early Access. I assume the SMM will use all versions of SML since they are listed, but the web site is not seeing them installed. So, now this is putting me in the direction of something blocking that, and I have used 3 different browsers, but will pursue this avenue and see what happens. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::weary::persevere: