Half Volume Fluids

It does not change the balance and use of resources. An Alternative for not having Pipes MK2/MK3 yet, the possibility with 600m3/1200m3 flow rate in the end.

Alpha version:

Good only to transport fluids with long pipes or by trains.
Not usable in other recipes.
Water and Crude Oil Only
Alpha version - New Fluids

Half V Crude Oil (Emulates a pipe flow 600m3/Train Transport 1000m3)
Half V Water (Emulates a pipe flow 600m3/Train Transport 1000m3)
Quarter V Crude Oil(Emulates a pipe flow 1200m3/Train Transport 2000m3)
Quarter V Water (Emulates a pipe flow 1200m3/Train Transport 2000m3)
Alpha version - New Refinery Recipes to Increasae and Decrease Volume

300 Crude Oil -> 150 Half Volume Crude Oil
300 Half Volume Crude Oil -> 150 Quarter Volum Crude Oil
300 Water -> 150 Half Volume Water
300 Half Volume Water -> 150 Quarter Volume Water

MAKE ALL RECIPES Using less volume items (Or wait someone lauch the Mk2 Pipe) X)

How can I turn that fluid with lowered volume back to normal. Rafinery cannot work with it.

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Hi Haismd , thanks for this info, the Half to normal is under Unpacking Tab, in the Refinery! I will update the Mod page! See if it works ok please! Thanks!

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And one more thing. It would be really, really useful, if all machines could use this lowered volume fluid. For example I need to transport 2699m3/min. With your “comprimation” I can transport this only in (almost) 3 pipes. But I still need to bring it back to 9 pipes.

It would be useful, if all machine will required just 2 or 4 times less oil or water then normal (depending if on input if is half or quarter volume fluid). With same output. So u will still need the same amount on very start (mining spot) but there wont be problem with mk1 pipes.

I hope u will agree with me. I know, it’s little “cheaty” but I hope that it won’t be problem

And sorry for my bad english. I’m just 16 y.o. boy from Czech Republic :czech_republic: trying to write something, that makes sense without translator :laughing:

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Hi Haismd! Nice!!! Im from Brazil, and my English is not good, but i think we can communicate well!

I was trying to do something less “cheat” with Half Volume Fluids, but I’m thinking of doing a more direct way, where 300m would become 10m. That way it would be more of a cheat, but we wouldn’t have to worry about volume in pipes. What do you think? Or maybe other value?

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Hi Andre :grin:
For me it isn’t important. I’m trying to avoid cheats like easy rafinery, because for me it breaks the very core of the game. If you know what I mean.

For me would be best just: have pump–>place rafinery and comprimate the fluid–>transport comprimated fluid thru pipes to other rafinerys, that wil required less fluid (because is comprimated, but it will still need the same amount on very begining), same amount of non-liquid secundary input as before, and it will make same output. Maybe will be best, if secundary product (fluid) will be comprimated too. And it would be nice to have it for all alternative recipies.

I think, that this was meaning of your comment above, but just to be sure :joy:

I’m sorry that I’m “commanding” you like this, but I have no idea how to help. Only I can do, is thank you, for doing things like this for us. :wink:

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That will be perfect… Im thinking in doing these recipes ASAP. Maybe using Quarter Volume Fluids, so that the pipe could feed 4x more machine than using the normal recipes.

I will start translating these recipes:

For water

And for Oil

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Sounds great man
I can’t wait. Hope that it will be soon-ish® :joy::joy:

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Hi Haismd!
What you think of those? I will try to launch the new version today

15 Quarter V Oil -> 40 Fuel + 30 Polymer
7,5 Quarter V Oil -> 10 Heavy Oil + 20 Plastic
7,5 Quarter V Oil -> 20 Heavy Oil + 20 Rubber
5 Quarter V Water + 60 Polymer Resin -> 20 Plastic
10 Quarter V Water + 40 Polymer Resin -> 20 Rubber
25 Quarter V Water + 70 Bauxite -> 20 Silica + 80 Alumina Solution
12,5 Quarter V Water + 50 Sulfur -> 100 Sulfuric Acid

:slight_smile: Thanks!

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Man that’s horrible…

I mean, it’s horribly AMAZING.
I think that I’ve just fall in love with you :heart_eyes:

You just elegantly solved the problem with mk1 pipes, you are AMAZING. I cannot wait until you’ll launch this. I hope, that everybody else will repair ther mods, because now, I cannot start the game…

I’m sure that this mod will be that “must have mod” for everybody like MoarFactory and Area Action.

Really, really, really, really amazing job mate. I’m so glad that this game has community like you :+1:

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Hi Haismd !!! <3 <3
I just release the new version, hope it works nice!

If you see some bug, or something to change, just tell me please!!

Thanks!! X)

Hi Andre
Will you do it for all alternative recipies?

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I will do it! Speccialy that pure iron/copper… nice!

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Hi Andre
I was just wondering, if you planning to make all the recipes

If not, I could try to make them. But I never do that before so dunno what will become

But Satisfactory Modding Documentation will help me. I guess :laughing:

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Yes… i have to list all of them, and convert to recipes… i will try to release tomorow. Thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks man

You are a GOD! :heart_eyes:

Please… .see if im not wrong on this math… :slight_smile:

Tier 7 - Alternative Quarter Recipes

(per minute)

Alternate: Heavy Oil Residue 7,5 Quarter Crude Oil = 40 Heavy Oil + 20 Polymer resine
Alternate: Polymer Resin 15 Quarter Crude Oil = 130 Polymer Resin + 20 Heavy Oil
Alternate: Polyester Fabric 12.5 Quarter Water + 80 Polymer Resin = 5 Fabric
Alternate: Pure Caterium Ingot 6 Quarter Water + 24 Caterium Ore = 12 Caterium Ingot
Alternate: Pure Copper Ingot 2.5 Quarter Water + 15 Copper Ore = 37.5 Copper Ingot
Alternate: Pure Iron Ingot 5 Quarter Water + 35 Iron Ore = 65 Iron Ingot
Alternate: Pure Quartz Crystal 9.375 Quarter Water + 67.5 Raw Quartz = 52.5 Quartz Crystal
Alternate: Steamed Copper Sheet 5.625 Quarter Water + 22.5 Iron Ingot = 22.5 Copper Sheet
Alternate: Wet Concrete 25 Quarter Water + 120 Limestone = 80 Concrete

Just release a new version with those recipes! :sunny: Hope it works nice!

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Hi Ande. It’s been a long time :slight_smile:
I hope that you’re alright.

I’m sorry for bothering you again, but I still have some requests for new recipes. (sorry about that :grin:)

I’m feeling bad for that, so I at least tried to help you with this:
Aluminum Scrap: 60 (quarter) Alumina Solution + 60 Petroleum Coke = 360 Aluminum Scrap + 15 (quarter) Water
Unpackage Water: 120 Packaged Water = 30 (quarter) Water + 120 Empty Canister
A: Electrode – Aluminium Scrap: 22,5 (quarter) Alumina Solution + 30 Coal = 150 Aluminium Scrap + 7,5 (quarter) Water
Alumina Solution: 70 Bauxite + 25 (quarter) Water = 20 (quarter) Alumina Solution + 20 Silica
Sulfuric Acid: 50 Sulfur + 12,5 (quarter) Water = 25 (quarter) Sulfuric Acid
Liquid Biofuel: 90 Solid Biofuel + 11,25 (quarter) Water = 15 (quarter) Liquid Biofuel
Packaged Water: 15 (quarter) Water + 60 Empty Canister = 60 Packaged Water

Unpackage Oil: 60 Packaged Oil = 15 (quarter) Crude Oil + 60 Empty Canister
Fuel: 15 (quarter) Crude Oil = 10 (quarter) Fuel + 30 Polymer Resin
Plastic: 7,5 (quarter) Crude Oil = 20 Plastic + 2,5 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue
Rubber: 7,5 (quarter) Crude Oil = 20 Rubber + 5 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue
Packaged Oil: 7,5 (quarter) Crude Oil + 30 Empty Canister = 30 Packaged Oil

Unpackage Heavy Oil Residue: 20 Packaged Heavy Oil Residue = 5 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue + 20 Empty Canister
A: Heavy Oil Residue: 7,5 (quarter) Crude oil = 10 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue + 20 Polymer Resin
A: Polymer Resin: 15 (quarter) Crude Oil = 130 Polymer Resin + 5 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue
Petroleum Coke: 10 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue = 120 Petroleum Coke
Residual Fuel: 15 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue = 10 (quarter) Fuel
Packaged Heavy Oil Residue: 7,5 (quarter) Heavy Oil Residue + 30 Empty Canister = 30 Packaged Heavy Oil Residue

Unpackage Fuel: 60 Packaged Fuel = 15 (quarter) Fuel + 60 Empty Canister
Packaged Fuel: 10 (quarter) Fuel + 40 Empty Canister = 40 Packaged Fuel

Unpackage Liquid Biofuel: 60 Packaged Liquid Biofuel = 15 (quarter) Liquid Biofuel + 60 Empty Canister
Packaged Liquid Biofuel: 10 (quarter) Liquid Biofuel + 40 Empty Canister = 40 Packaged Liquid Biofuel
Unpackage Turbo Fuel: 20 Packaged Turbofuel = 5 (quarter) Turbofuel + 20 Empty Canister
Turbofuel: 5,625 (quarter) Fuel + 3,75 Compacted Coal = 4,6875 (quarter) Turbofuel
Packaged Turbofuel: 5 (quarter) Turbofuel + 20 Empty Canister = 20 Packaged Turbofuel

Uranium Pellet: 50 Uranium + 20 (quarter) Sulfuric Acid = 50 Uranium Peller + 5 (quarter) Sulfuric Acid

I understand, if you won’t do that, because it is lot’s to do

Stay safe and thank you for everything :heart: