Icon Signs Illuminated Mod

Some big stackable icon signs and 3D items for you to place wherever you want in your factory.

There are 90 Stackable Big Icons and 67 3D items to put on belts, containers, machines or wherever you want.

Just a DECORATIVE thing, doesn’t change anything in your factory.

To do

  • Make it all in one item and make a GUI for change icons
  • Add Small Icons Signs or make it sizeble
  • Add some Icons to build on Walls
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Hey, good mod! But i would suggest reducing the size of the images by about 25% so that there is some white border around it. Right now it looks cramped.

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Also: If you would like some custom sign images designing, hit me up on the modding discord.
I’m 100% sure they will be useful.

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Signs are great! Especially for inventory organization.

Smaller signs would be awesome.

How about, instead of having to have a listing in the build menu for every single item, just a single sign that you configure thru an E menu?

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Would love simple sings you can write on to company this.

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Thats perfect Deantendo. Im thinking in changing the images from square to the format of the icons, but the reduction could be nice and easy for now.

I will find you on Discord. Im want to see those signs. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

That will be better. I wanna learn how to do it. That way we can have only like 1 item, and enter with E and select the image and the size.

The “Beacon” icon is missing! Great mod! Thanks!

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Im happy that you like it <3

Thanks for the info !! I will fix it soon

Hello, i dont understand where are the sign in game i dont find them can you tell me it please.

Hi Snoopz, its on “Organization” in Build Menu.

Ah, i dont have them here.

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Maybe you have to research in Hub first. Its on the first tier!

I like this. Would it be possible, when you get your single sign with GUI thing working, to add the ability to place an external picture on a sign? In the same manner that RCT3 does? I could place some pictures in a specified directory and your GUI would allow me to use my pictures as signs.
Thanks. Great mod.

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Andre_Aquila or you who has done Icon Signs. You made two Quartz Crystal 3D sign, (in: “8. X Icon X 3D”).

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Nice Jamie, Thanks for the suggestion! I will try to do that!

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Thanks Jumbo Storm, Noted! I will fix it in the next release!

first of all i like this mod a lot, i missed smth like that so much.
i have some suggestions,
is it possible to add other shapes too?
like full squares in different sizes, like half foundation, full foundation, 2/3/5 foundations.
or flat signs, or a circular one like in the “flags”-mod from Illya.
i seen its suggested already, a way to edit the signs with a “E” menu (mb you can talk to Illya for this, (s)he have this in the “flags” mod).
or mb you both can merge your mods that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Thats some awesome ideas! I really like to learn, or pass it for an experienced modder, to create a item with a scroll that you choose what icon you want. That will be perfect.

I will see the flags mod to get an idea, the next step I was thinking about was making each sign personalized with the shape of the item instead squares or circles. But i didnt tested this idea yet.

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Great idea. Just what is needed to easily see what is what. But. Icons way to big. Obstructs other units. Please make the icons re sizable. :slight_smile: