Light It Up - End the darkness of Satisfactory

Satisfactorys nights and caves can be scary and dark, but you can end this with the Light It Up mod! It provides multiple different lights for any situation. You can also group lamps together to control multiple lights with just a couple of clicks!

Check it out now, on SMR!


What type of fuel the construction lamp use ?

Right now… i think just leaves…
but coal, fuel, biofuel, biomass and wood also should get supported in the next update.

Thanks for posting that this works for multiplayer. Probably one of the only mods I’ll end up using due to this fact. Keep up the good work!

I experienced an issue with the menu for the lighted power poles. Initially no problems until my Avatar’s storage space increased. Then if I had my inventory full, the menu would not display correctly. If I removed items in the inventory to below (or equal to) the original size of the inventory, the menu displayed properly.
Other than that, no serious issues so far. And thank you for this mod.

Dear Panakotta00,

After the yesterday game update the Light Up Mod crashing my game.
Can you correct it, your mod is fantastic and to create best factory ambiance and is sad without it.

Thanks in advance.

New version is up and should work now with experimental.

Is there a known issue that it doesn’t work in the ER version? I don’t see a option for the lights in any of the menus. If this has been discussed prior, apologies

I’m not sure what you mean with ER version…
v0.5.4 works for EX right now and v0.5.3 for EA…
and you need to do some HUB research to get the lights unlocked…

Ahhh ok missed that part, I just read that it would be in the organization tab, thank you. ER / EA same thing, sorry

This mod seems to not play well with the Permaday mod. I didn’t have a problem for a long time, because I hadn’t created any lights, but as soon as I built a couple of lights, I started getting crash-to-desktop issues regarding an array index out of bounds exception. Uninstalling this mod fixed the issues. Removing the lamps did not - I kept getting the same exception, only with an array length of 0.

Telling the permaday mod to let time proceed as normally seemed to help some, but my power grid and then the game immediately crashed the instant the sun went down and the lights came on. This may have been because by default the permaday mod sets the night duration to zero even when time progresses normally, so it instantly went from sundown to sunup.

Hmmm… looks like that may not be the issue after all, as I just got the same error without your mod installed. Spent all yesterday troubleshooting, too :confused:

I’m not able to remove/deconstruct the Portable Lamp once it is placed in the world. No matter what I try, it just won’t dematerialize. So now I would have remove the mod and lose everything I place, just to get rid of it. Is anyone else having this issue?

Experimental 120461
Lightitup 0.5.4
SML 2.1.0

You just need to open the GUI and click “Pickup”

With the update of Experimental to Build 122801, the mod is crashing the game.

After the new update the lamps are flickering even if i switch the lamps off.