Liquify Raw Materials

Change Oil, Limestone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Coal, Bauxite, Caterium Ore, Raw Quartz, Sulfur and Uranium Ore into fluids and solids allowing using pipes, containers and tanks for logistics.

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Awesome mod! Love the idea behind this.
You could expand on this idea and make custom recipes from the liquids.
Like Molten metals and plastic which then can be used for casting simple stuff like plates, screws, rods, wires, cables (molten copper+rubber) and liquify those back if they consist of a single resource.
As soon as they add a new factory which has 2 fluid inputs you can even start getting complicated with different alloys and mixtures.

It would be a nice take to plan factories with fluid dynamics in mind


Nice!!! I love your idea. I have already separated some recipes that we can make with the current refinery. Until I understand how to make a refinery with 2 in and 2 out of pipes, or something in the vanilla refinery comes up, we could already introduce these…

New Fluid Items:

Molten Iron - 35 Iron Ore + 20 Water = 25 Molten Iron (2,6 Iron Ingot = 1 Molten Iron)

Molten Steel - 16 Molten Iron + 40 Coal = 24 Molten Steel

Molten Copper - 15 Copper Ore + 10 Water = 15 Molten Copper

Molten Caterium - 24 Caterium Ore + 24 Water = 5 Molten Caterium

Reinforced Wet Concrete -
120 Limestone + 100 Water = 31 Reinforced Wet Concrete

Recipes (Using less refineries than other machines)

Iron Plate - 22 Molten Iron = 40 Iron Plate

Iron Rod - 17 Molten Iron = 45 Iron Rod

Screw - 10 Molten Iron = 110 Screw

Reinforced Iron Plate - 12 Molten Iron + 66.6 Wire = 10 Reinforced Iron Plate

Steel Beam - 46 Molten Steel = 30 Beam

Steel Pipe - 23 Molten Steel = 40 Pipe

Wire - 10 Molten Copper = 60 Wire

Copper Sheet - 25 Molten Copper = 30 Copper Sheet

Fused Quickwire - 5.5 Molten Caterium + 75 Copper Ingot = 180 Quickwire

Encased Industrial Beam - 20 Reinforced Wet Concrete + 45 Steel Beam = 12 Encased Industrial Beam

Encased Uranium Cell - 10 Reinforced Wet Concrete + 65 Uranium Pellet = 20 Encased Uranium Cell

Alumina Solution - 80 Fluid Bauxite = 240 Alumina Solution

Compacted Coal - 30 Fluid Coal + 40 Sulfur = 75 Compacted Coal

Black Powder - 12 Fluid Sulfur + 10 Compacted Coal = 60 Black Powder

Silica - 26 Fluid Quartz = 150 Silica

Quartz Crystal - 30 Fluid Quartz = 55 Quartz Crystal

I think we could balance the costs to something between normal and alternate revenues, but requiring less refineries to build.

What do you think? Any suggestion?



Wet concrete exists for a solid output already for refineries just allow for a liquid version.

Alternative Packaging Molten Metals/Etc:

  • Plastic or Polymer Resin + Empty Canister => Reinforced Canister/Drum (For Storing Liquefied Coal(Bio/Charcoal, Petroleum Coke, Coal), Sulfur, Quartz)
  • Molten Metal + Reinforced Canister => Heat Resistance Reinforced Canister (For storing most molten metals with possible output amount differing depending on the metal type, i.e. copper, iron, steel, aluminum, etc used to create the container)
  • Liquid Concrete + Reinforced Canister => Radiation Resistance Reinforced Canister (For Molten Uranium)

While I believe the method of handing nuclear waste is already handled well enough by either Purex reprocessing or Nuclear waste recycling mods already so you don’t need to add additional stuff for the waste products, but might be interesting idea to think of adding some sort of compatibility mod(s) that allow other mods fluid/solid outputs as viable items/fluids conversions as well.

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Nice ideas for the packing! Thanks… I will implement this!

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Awesome :slight_smile:

Another reason I though of this so that you can use your new molten metals/resources version(s) as crafting items in constructors, assemblers and manufacturers as well as the in the refinery.

Also with this you can make alloys with current technologies without waiting for new machines to come out. I would love to see how far you take this :wink:

I personally added the advanced logistics, refined power (Come on ficsit you can send people to another planet but not add environmentally friendly power gen?), lighting, farming mod and Purex reprocessing as well to my satisfactory. I also added area actions (as i keep getting knocked into the void when getting to my quartz nodes :stuck_out_tongue: and several times the item container which spawns has glitched into the terrain) +new utility signs, iron signs, and I also added hoard for jokes (my base is now littered with stacks of toilet rolls :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Holy moly, you went ham on this. let me process all the numbers before starting to think about balancing things out …
But nevertheless I love what you already put up. Cant wait to try everything out :grinning: … I already gonna need to redo my whole factory again xDD

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Hmmm, am i getting this wrong? you unlock all the liquids in tier 4, while the refinery is tier 5 or 6. Wouldn’t it be more logical to have the refinery unlocked before you can unlowck the liquified materials? atleast it would make it more logical for me :wink:

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Oooops… hehee. Thanks Benny, i will fix this in the next version, making it unlocks with the refinery. :slight_smile:

This is a really cool idea! It could open up a ton of possibilities. I do have one minor suggestion just for game lore: transporting hot molten metals in copper pipes feels impractical. Luckily, the molten recipes already use water, so you could easily call the product XXX slurry, or fluidized XXX (i.e. fine powder mixed with compressed air). You could then have recipes that are made directly from the metal powder, like “sintered” plates, rods, wire, etc, basically how metal 3D printing works today.

there my idea : Turbofuel and fuel in a solid version :slight_smile:

( I am Mfrost on discord)