Mod loader and Game version?

I gt an error below, i thought it was a mod at first, but after studying the message, i am thinking the error is from the mod loader expecting a different version of the game. Suggestions?

Error: Game version incompatible. Installed: 118201. bootstrapper requires >=117050, SML requires >=119805 All changes were discarded.

This happens when you try to update SML when the “Early Access” version of Satisfactory is selected in SML.

I’ve had the same error pop up for me when I tried, but it works fine if you switch to the Experimental version.

but, up until yesterday, the SML worked on the early release version. i appears to be broken for early release.

I’ve got the same problem. I had this before, and I solved it by verifying the game via the epic games launcher. That doesn’t work for me now, though.

Same issue as my own post then:

Switch to vanilla config and back to modded config so that it installs the correct SML version