More body slot - or - "iron man" armor

Hi thanks for modding this great game, you are awesome !

A very boring thing in this game is to swap between so many item for body and only 1 body slot.
I’m wondering if is it possible to have more body slot or better an “hitech-armor” who gives all bonus & effect of each body slot.

The cost of armor could be the sum of each part or higher if we can add fake functionality

  • a “gatling gun” (cost - 4x rifle) for more bullets & dommage.
  • flying system - 2x jet pack - foot & back to fly longer. (less cosumption )
  • body armor : cost Halzmat + aluminum plate + dekatlon - 1/2 damage from monster & explosion, run faster
  • hermetic helmet - to protect against radiation & poison

Have a fine (quarantine) day !
Ps sorry for my poor english, as you guess, it s not my native language :wink:

Yes. And maybe press Alt key or Ctrl key with mouse wheel to change which one is active.

Oh Thanks to you for that information i don’t know about this tip !

But i never understand why i can’t wear dékatlon on my legs, a gas mask on my head and a jetpack on my back at the same time :sweat_smile:

I would LOVE to see this. You should be able to have multiple body slots in this game, annoying that they don’t.

A hazmat suit doesn’t interfere with anything else, you can still have a jetpack to fly, night vision goggles under the hazmat hood, a gas mask under the hood too, the blade runners go over the outside of the suit. That’s 5 items you should be able to wear all at once. Of course, I’d expect to have to unlock them one at a time like the hand slots.