Packing Items Mod

You can pack your items in Workbench or in the Constructor.

Available for 55 items, turns 50 item in 1 pack of the item for easy transport and storage. The packed item has stack size of 500 and and it’s done really fast.


  • 50 Item => 1 Packed Item


  • 1 Packed Item => 50 Items


  • Different Icons
  • Review Balance

Maybe this is too powerful right now.

Does this work with Nuclear Waste?

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Hi! For now it is not available for nuclear waste.

I think this is perfectly balanced. It is just like packaged fluids.

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Love it, except that it fills up the crafting selection on the craft bench and constructors, etc. Now you have to scroll down alot to find what you want. It’d be nice if it was in its own tab, instead of filling up the normal tabs.

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Hi Williams! Yess… you are right…
Thats really anoying. As the unpack items are linked to their original items, there is a mess in the workbench and the constructor. I believe that the best solution is perhaps to create an alternative workbench/constructor for it, perhaps a Packing Bench and Packing Machine, and in it contain all the recipes for pack and unpack in it.
I will try some things to make it work in this way!! Thanks!!

Ooooo don’t get me too excited.

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Today i worked in this mod… I release the Packing Machine (Looks exactly like a Smelter), but i couldnt do it with the workbench… But for now, the packing is only working in the Packing Machine.

Im trying to do some new boxes, something like a cardboard box, but it didnt work very well yet. X)

Thanks for your efforts on these mods. This is like “noted items” in the game Runescape possibly many are familiar with. It’s perfectly reasonable to be able to compact, compress, or convert to digital document, items.
It’s up to the end user to determine how they wish to play the game and that is the beauty of mods.
Thanks again.

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Any plan for supporting other mod’s items? That’d be wonderful… I hope each individual recipe doesn’t have to be coded manually though, that’d be a real pain.

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Nice Ngppng… Thats the objective! :slight_smile:
In Factorio i learned to do these commands that create all items based on what the other mods has, this is gonna be great here in Satisfactory! Every day with a lot of new mods coming up…

Im slowly learning how to make new things here, hope i can do it soon… Thanks for the suggestion!

While I really like several of your mods, the fact that you’ve released like a dozen in just a few days makes me worry about quality and maintenance. It’s great that you have a lot of good ideas, but perhaps it would be better to focus on just a few and get them working really well before you move on to creating more? If you have a ton of mods then you have to split your attention across all of them when making improvements/updates, so rather than making a little bit of progress on a lot of things, you could make a lot of progress on just a few things? Then, once those few things are working great, that’s when you move on to a new thing.

Take it from an experienced software developer - working on too many projects at once can lower the quality of all of them because your attention gets split so many different ways and it’s easy to overlook details.

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I agree with you Isochronous! I wish i’ll be more attentive and dedicated to the mods.

Im not a programmer, or even i consider myself a “modder”. But im trying to work on them.

I have a lot of small ideas, at the beginning I was suggesting here to the modding community. But I see that the modders are in their projects, so I started making these “mini alpha experimental mods” to show the ideas for the real modders that we have here in Satisfactory.

I just wanna give it all to some experienced modder that wanna take from this draft im doing. If anyone liked some of my ideas, i really like them to tell me. It doesn need even give credit to me, i’ll just give the mod for them.

Its all for fun. but… I face many things that I could not progress with some released mod, and I also have several ideas for mods that I spent hours making, but in the end it didn’t work and I left it aside and didnt publish.

In the end i’m very opened for anybody who likes to integrate, absorb or take any of my mods for their one. For me, its just a fun thing. (sorry for my english)

Hi @Andre_Aquila,
thanks for all your mini mods as you describe them. But I think they even more helpful as some of the other mods. Whatever, one of the best is this packing mod. It save a lot of space inside my storage, of course. But two of the items I’m missing: Automated Wiring & Versatile Framework. Is there any chance that you add them next time?

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Nice Cowboy!!! :slight_smile: Im glad you like the mods!!!
Thanks for this suggestion, i really forgot of the Space Elevator Items!!! I will put them in the next version!

Thanks for your reply. I’m looking forward for the new version…

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Hello Andre
I like the idea of your mod, but its a bit to strong for me is it possible for me to edit a File
so i can make it a bit weaker ? I wouldnt upload it or something like that , its just for me.