Production Plus +


Adds new items to build. DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING in your current factory. Only minimalistic icons and 3D assets made in tinkercad by the author.


  • Better Icons
  • Better 3D sprites
  • Space Rocket and Satellites
  • New Nuclear Process
  • Decorative Turrets and Walls
  • Energy value to fluids

Could you please put a list of some of these items (and perhaps their recipes, maybe some pictures) on the mod page? The mod page doesn’t really convey any info on what sorts of items the mod adds.

You might also want to look into making your own docs page, similar to how Ficsit Networks has one. If you’d like to do that, please ask about it on the Discord.

Nice Budak, i will put more infos right now.

Im looking in the doc page, soon as i can i will aks in Discord. Thanks!

Looks great! The ‘all items’ picture is a bit low resolution, but it’s still readable.

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This mod looks like it has a lot of potential. I would like to say first I am having some trouble getting started, it seem to be a mod that adds a lot of items with no purpose. With that said if you have tier 1 add some of the items + a research center then have the rest of your tech unlock there, something like your mods version of the M.A.M. I think it make the mod feel more like Factorio and be all new side project to work on.

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Hi Catpack!!! I love that idea… could be in the actual MAM too, i think… One Tree only for the Factorio things, more elaborated, with more things…

I think will be nice the items have a funcionality, so we can unlock doing belts, buildings, constructions, etc with the factorio items… Nice! I wrote down your idea, soon as i can i will work to improve that! Thanks!