We have trains, we have road vehicles, we even have air vehicles. Now what we need is water traffic.
I’m thinking big, freighter-style ships of varying styles, with varying content.

One ship type could have holds filled with dry and wet unpackaged bulk freight. These would be ore and coal freighters (such as the whaleback ore carriers used on the Great Lakes in the US).

Others would be liquid tankers, capable of transporting water or oil products. Still others would be container ships, which would operate like trains, carrying containers loaded with things such as packaged fuel, plastic and rubber over the water.

And others still, would be vehicle ferries, capable of carrying trains or road vehicles over the water.

There would be no more need for all that concrete and absurdly long bridges over water, when you can just build a boat and motor across!

This was Inspired by the song “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot.

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Brilliant call given the expanse of all that water, takes Me hours to build long Bridges.

Bump time! I would love to see some replies to this!