Saves wont load

Hello everyone,
I’ve been playing on the 100+ milestones mod pack for about 80 hours now, got the tier 29. Game would occasionally crash while playing, always assumed it was a GPU issue (I have a 2060 6GB of VRAM with 16GB of RAM). But now I went to launch it today and it wouldn’t load in and crash on start-up, 3 most recent autosaves same story, my last physical save from 12 hrs prior loaded, after no hope just played on that to work back up to where I was. After about 30 mins I saved and reloaded the save to verify it would work. After a few hours I fell off the side of the map and went to re-load the most recent autosave and same story. But this time that save also didn’t load, only the one from 12 hours prior. Please any input would be nice, I can post the crash log if desired since it only takes me a bout a min to re-create it. Thank you.

UPDATE-- I cant load any of my manual saves anymore either, unless i go back all the way to that original one so like 20 hours lost now. Please help.