SML - Satisfactory launches very slow

Is there a reason why the mod launcher is so slow? I press “launch satisfactory” with mods and it takes a good minute before it pops up.

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Are you using Decoration Mod? I hear it is causing this. Im trying to launch a new version of it with less things.

No I don’t. I have Area Actions, PermaDay, Light It Up, Programmable Elevators and Equipment Automation Plus installed.

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mods have to be unzip to be played with, this is to save on space thats why modded games take a bit longer to load then normal

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Unzipping to save space? In times where space is never an issue? Maybe that should be changed in order to speed up loading times, much more important than space … :slight_smile:

they are zipped up since the upload limit for the SMR is 100mb and the SML works off files being zips and mods can get very big very fast, like RP is a 300MB+ mod and the new update will use a lot more space so zipping up mods matters a lot to save on space and for that upload limit