[Suggestion] mk8 pipe+ mod

Can anyone make a pipe mod for each tier of pipe from mk2 pipe of 600m3 to mk3 1200m3 to mk4 2400m3 to mk5 4800m3 to mk6 9600m3 to mk7 19200m3 and mk8 38400m3. I don’t like being limited to 300m3 to 600m3 where my machines push more then that none over clocked.

not possible, or else there would already be mods for it

Ok if it not possible then why do people make modded machines that do 900m3 to 1800m3 i call it a waste of mods that don’t get love for there machines because lack of better flow rate of pipes. they done belts with ease so why not pipes.

If it was possible to make an mk3, mk4 or mk whatever pipes it would have already been done. there’s a bug within the game that anything above 600m^3/min liquids just gets lost, that’s it. and if a mod dev makes a mod with that much fluid requirement then that’s their issue.

You are not entitled to any form of experience using mods. let alone say “it’s a waste of mods” seeing it takes hours to even make a simple mod for everyone to use for free. again if a modded machine uses over 600m^3/min go report it to the dev, that’s what you can do and nothing else.