This is funny -_-

Funny how in the Discord, they say “Hey, if you cracked the game, tag a moderator so they can help you because some special stuff need to be done for it to work”, but instead of helping you, they just ban you outright with no way of even trying to explain because you are ban indefinitely.
Like, it’s literally in their FAQ “If you are running a cracked version of the game - Ping a @Moderator for instructions (SML needs to be modified)”. Don’t fucking lie about it.

Atleast ban for some days, months or whatever because this is bullshit.


If you said it’s my fault for cracking the game, first of all, yes I did crack the game but with the intent to not use the Epic Launcher and I was waiting to buy it on Steam, so in my mind I already bought it because that’s what I’m going to do. Second of all, I could’ve just buyed it & then not get banned. But now that I’m banned forever, even if I buy it I can’t come back so this is pure bullshit.