Uniform nodes mod?

gday from oz, up until the past couple of days i’ve been able to use this https://ficsit.app/mod/BvjoAkQLbHxwy2 but the author has updated it and now it’s elbusto if i try to use it, it will crash to the desktop lickety split… i cant find anywhere to contact the author, so i’m posting here, if this is in the wrong place then feel free to move it, i’ve tried to use the first version that worked fine but every time i load smm it seems to reset it to the latest, which is broken… any advice please, thanks

Hey, the mod author here, can you tell me when it crashes exactly? On launch or on world load? Also could I get pastebins of the logs?

Also I might suggest deleting the old config

hi jacob,
it crashes on world load, it’s fine before then. i’ve gone back to v.1 that one works the others dont… not sure why,

Hi Jacob. Awesome mod. Quick question. How would I add “Element65” to th elist of nodes to transform? Thanks mate.