Update 5 Refined Power

Cannot make Coolant Powder nor Advanced Reactor Cores for the Arcs. No recipe for the Element 64 to make the Turbo Fuel. Guess the Mod , Refined Power, works but is incomplete. The Machines do not have the recipes.

fixed next patch, please be patient

@I_m_a_chicken29 Any eta on next update? Last update worked for a while but I now encounter a launch crash with just Refined power installed. It my factories exclusive power source and can’t really play the game until compatibility returns. I would share relevant log information but not really sure what that would be.

Can confirm that I am also crashing on launch. Also was unable to find/craft photovoltaic cells (but it’s been awhile since using the mod). Patiently awaiting an update. Thank you for a great mod that I clearly can’t play without.

No eta, please be patient it will be out in due time