Upside Down Foundations and more

Foundation 8x1, 8x2, 8x4 and Glass but upside down. Some nature foundation from decoration mods too.

Adds 4 more foundations that are the vanilla foundation upside down.

Optional: (Unlocked at Tier 0)
Adds 12 more foundations from Decoration Mod.

Hello you could create foundries with holes in the middle of them to pass vertical tracks, could 8X1 8X2 look aesthetically cooler in the game.

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Thats so perfect. This foundation is from Moar Factory? I see that he has one with a hole. I will work on that!

Yes, it is from the Moar Factory, I have already commented with him about it, I would have to have the option 8X1 to match the foundation of the game, it would be awesome top

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Hello you can’t create the foundries in half to fit this gap it would look cool in the game OK

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These are great and I definitely plan to use them. Any chance you could flip Corner Ramp Down 8x1, 8x2, 8x4? Thank you.

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Nice Sean and Black Farmer… Soon as possible i wil make them!!!

  • Half Foundation
  • Half Foundation Glass
  • Corner Ramp Down 8x1 Inverted
  • Corner Ramp Down 8x2 Inverted
  • Corner Ramp Down 8x4 Inverted

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for the great mod! I’m looking forward to using a lot of these. My only real feedback is about the description - I believe you’re using the term “upside down” when you really mean “Sideways.” I’m just judging from the images you’ve included, but it looks like you’ve flipped foundations so that they’re oriented like walls? In that case, “sideways” is definitely the word to use.

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Hi @isochronous , you are right!!! In the beginning , i just made the flipped ones, and called the upside down, but with time i add the nature ones, and now i put the “sideways” one.

I tried to modify the name to “Sideways” but it is not allowed, i will try again when i re-upload a new version!

I think upside down is fine. Alternate Orientations or something like that might work.
Some are upside down, some are sideways.

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Am I stupid, or are there something essential missing here? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to activate this mod. Can’t find the foundations in-game. Not in shop, not in hub, not in my build menu. All other mods work. I’m on the latest experimental mod. CL120281. It’s not updated for Update 3 experimental perhaps?

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Hi Spud, hmmm. Its supposed to work on update 3. Sometimes the research in the Milestones in Hub is hiding scrolling to the right.

Hah! That was it. Scrolling in the hub :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Good time of day. It would be nice if these foundations were made triangular would be fine.

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Nice Seagull… Triangular, or other polygons like hexagon, octagon, is a little harder, but we can try some things. I hope Andrei from Foundations Industries is doing something like this.

Just started my save after getting your update and now my upside down 8x2 are gone.
playing in early access 118201
Looks like I have to unlock it again :frowning:

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Hi Andre,

i found a bug with the natural foundations, when you place the "Foundation Sand next to eachother they get different textures

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Oh Benny, i will work on that!!! Thanks for this info!

Hi Vincent… I`m making a fix to those foundations get back and launching the new version. If you not save yet, they will come back. Sorry, and thanks for this info!